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What’s Your Trade Show Mantra?

At the Business Marketing Association (BMA) 2010 National Conference, Eduardo Conrado, Sr. VP & CMO at Motorola, discussed “Engaging with a Purpose” with David Srere of Siegel + Gale. During their talk, a quote by Guy Kawasaki was mentioned, “Make a mantra, not a mission statement.”

mantra definition

Wow, that’s powerful. So, what is your Trade Show mantra? Consider a couple of examples:

Walt Disney: To forever entertain.

GE: Create innovative solutions to the world’s challenges.

IBM: Help the world work better through forward thinking.

Google: To organize the world’s information & make it universally accessible & useful.

Apple: Enhance people’s lives with intuitive, simple, elegant design.

Part of Motorola’s: “…an unceasing commitment to advancing the way the world connects.”

When creating your trade show mantra, ask yourself these questions: 1.) Why do we do what we do? 2.) What is the difference the organization is trying to make?

Next, how will you communicate your mantra at trade shows? On your trade show display graphics? With booth staff training? Through pre-show marketing?

Here is my mantra: Create unique trade show experiences, leading to increased ROI, lower operating costs & fewer headaches.

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