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New Book: Trade Show Tips for New Exhibitors

Trade shows are deceptively simple looking. They appear to be no harder than popping up a display, standing in your booth space, and then waiting for all the buyers to waltz in and give you their money. If only it was that easy.

What It Takes To Succeed At Trade Shows

The reality is that trade shows require a wide array of skills, including marketing, planning, organization, communications, team-building, and more. You need an eye for details, and the people skills of a diplomat. You need the creativity of an artist, and the financial drive of an entrepreneur.

You also must build your ability to do specific key tasks for your trade shows to succeed: trade show logistics, booth staff selection, training, and staffing; exhibit design; pre-show and at-show promotions; lead management; and measurement of your program’s results.

Build Your Budding Trade Show Skills

This book provides you with the tools you need to get started on all these areas. Most of all, it provides you with a base level of expectations you can take to heart about the challenges and potential to succeed at trade shows. These insights will allow you to shorten your learning curve and feel more comfortable, even at the beginning of your trade show journey.

Just remember this: all trade show exhibitors were new exhibitors at one time. And while trade shows look daunting at first, you will get through this, and eventually become a veteran exhibitor yourself.

This book contains 25 articles previously published in the Skyline Trade Show Tips blog, and is one of three books in a series for exhibitors at different levels of trade show marketing skills.  The three books are:

Trade Show Tips for New Exhibitors

Trade Show Tips for Inline Exhibitors

Trade Show Tips for Island Exhibitors

New to trade shows? Or have a colleague who is? Then get your free copy of the new book, Trade Show Tips For New Exhibitors, by clicking here.

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