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New Book: Trade Show Tips for Island Exhibitors

Welcome to The Big Time.

When you exhibit in an island trade show exhibit, you’re making a major marketing commitment. The costs are larger, the expectations higher, and the risks greater. But so is the potential.

As an island exhibitor you need to bring your A-game to fully realize your marketing investment. You’ve got a bigger booth to fill with an exhibit potentially as large as a house. You have a team of booth staffers to select and train that rivals a professional sports team. You have a budget large enough to catch the eye of your CFO. All eyes are on you, both at the show and in your company.

Make Bigger Better

Therefore, this book contains our most advanced insights and proven methods for all the key aspects of trade show marketing. We go deeper on areas such as booth staffing, exhibit design, measurement, lead management, and logistics. There are even articles written especially for the unique challenges faced by island exhibitors like you.

This book contains 26 articles previously published in the Skyline Trade Show Tips blog, and three worksheets from Marc Goldberg of Marketech. This book is one of three books in a series for exhibitors at different levels of trade show marketing skills. The three books are:

Trade Show Tips for New Exhibitors

Trade Show Tips for Inline Exhibitors

Trade Show Tips for Island Exhibitors

Get more results from your island exhibit. Request your free copy of the new book, Trade Show Tips For Island Exhibitors, by clicking here.

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