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How do you measure trade show success?

Candidly speaking, most exhibiting companies fail to measure the return on their trade show investment due to the fact that there has not been a step-by-step process to calculate it. This may have been overlooked when the economy was booming but is no longer acceptable when budgets are being scrutinized.I work with a company that has purchased the rights to a Marketing ROI CD entitled “Measurement Made Easy!”. The program is embedded with calculators that will allow you to measure the success of your next trade show or special event.

Some of the calculators built into the program include:

  • Potential Audience
  • Return on Investment
  • Cost per Qualified Lead
  • Cost per Current Customer Visiting
  • Cost per Attendee Demonstration (Introduction of a New Product)
  • Cost per Distributor Recruited
  • Cost per Visitor Reached
  • Cost per Visitor Impact

I’m offering this CD to you at no charge. All I ask for in return is 30 minutes of your time to demonstrate its capabilities and discuss how it relates to your trade show marketing plans.

For more information or to receive this Marketing ROI CD, click here.


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