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How Do You Get Noticed At A Trade Show?

Trade shows  are a great way to attract potential customers and keep in touch with current customers. But to do this job, one must know how to effectively promote the company and set up a booth that draws all the attention. It is not easy to catch the attention of all attendees. You need to think out of the box and create an experience that stands out in the entire show.

Here are some tips to get noticed at a trade show:

Eye-catching Displays

The most important thing is the visual appeal of your booth. When you have incorporated good lighting, bright colors, creative banners and the interior design in your booth, the attendees will automatically notice your booth among the rest of the clutter.

Offer an Incentive

If an attendee visits your booth and looks at your products and spends time listening to you, don’t let it go to waste. Ask them to schedule a follow-up meeting or next sales step, and in return offer them small gifts or incentives. For example, a give-away or voucher for a future purchase. You can also create a solid impact by offering them a place to rest, refreshments or food items.

Influence the Attendees

When an attendee visits your booth, count yourself lucky because that person took the time to see what you are selling. Don’t start off by a sales pitch. It is very unattractive and often boring for an attendee. Try to play with words, be creative, and tell an amazing story and link it back to your business. When the attendee starts to get involved, he/she is more likely to buy your product.

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