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Envoy® Exhibit System: Designed for Style and Purpose

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The Future of Exhibiting is Here

Envoy is setting the standard for elegance in exhibiting. Its curved corners provide a soft, clean look while its sleek profile allows graphics to stand out.

Deep Frame for Functionality

Envoy’s lightweight aluminum frame is 4-inches deep to provide a feeling of mass, support a variety of accessories and hide unsightly wires.

Skyline Graphics: Produced in-house for highest quality

Skyline fabric graphics are completely produced in-house by our team of experienced graphic technicians and expert finishers. You get great looking, durable graphics made to perfectly fit Skyline systems.

Skyline produces the highest quality, most durable graphics to give you the best brand presentation over and over again.

Accessories: Functionality that makes your exhibit work for you

Customize your exhibit to fit your objectives and brand presentation. Skyline has a variety of accessories to create an exhibit solution tailored to your specific needs — from showcasing products and interactive demonstrations to providing workspace and storage.


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