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How to Get On the Trade Show Dance Card

Often, companies decide to exhibit at a trade show without giving importance to the attendees. Attendees or the company’s target market, don’t come without prior research on all the companies exhibiting, especially the ones of their interest. Most trade show attendees research exhibitors before they attend.  If you haven’t planned it out properly, then there’s a high likelihood that the attendees don’t put you on their dance card.

Be Sure of What You’re Selling

If you are standing at the booth clueless of what products you have and what are their benefits and uses, then it will send a red signal to the attendees visiting your booth. Make sure you booth staffers study everything prior to the show and make sure you have all the answers to an attendee’s questions about the company or its products.

An Effective Marketing Plan

Pre-show marketing plans are often the reason behind a booth getting lots of attendees. When you develop a strategic & creative marketing plan and portray the best of your company in your campaigns which will run all over social media or even ATL (above-the-line) and BTL (below-the-line) activities, you will be able to entice a lot of potential customers to your booth. It will also help impress existing customers and continue staying top of mind with them.

Make Good Offers

If your booth is designed in a unique way and has all the attractive signage and display, you will get on the attendees’ dance card. To make your strategy work even better, you can offer something in return. What if there’s a colorful attractive display saying that ‘visit our booth and see what we have for you’ ‘what’s better than a free sample, incentive or demonstration?’

It is not an easy task to get on the trade show dance card. It takes a lot of planning & performance and only then will the result be overwhelming.


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