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New Book: Better Booth Staffing for Greater Trade Show Results

The goal of this new book is to provide booth staffers — and the people who manage them — better insights, tools, and ideas to increase their trade show results.

It’s a valuable and a much-needed goal, because there is a surprising disconnect between what exhibitors think about their booth staffing skills and the reality of what happens in their booths.

When we have surveyed exhibitors about what trade show topics they want to learn most, they usually put booth staffing way down the list, feeling that they’ve already mastered staffing.  At the same time, they offer lots of quick tips about how to staff a trade show booth.  Too bad most of their own staffers don’t follow their advice!

It’s possible to walk down the aisle of any trade show and see booth staffers that are desperate to be doing anything other than engage with prospects.  Too many exhibitors waste the lion share of their trade show investment by bringing staffers who don’t want to be there, bringing the wrong staffers, or by not providing adequate training and tools to help them succeed.

This 56-page book contains 34 articles that have been published on the Skyline Trade Show Tips blog.  Half are geared to increasing skills and perspectives of individual booth staffers.  The other half are for the trade show manager and trainer who must prepare their booth staff.   Some articles are broad views of what is involved in booth staffing, while others are deeper dives into key skills, such as engaging attendees, listening better, how staffers can better manage leads, how to measure booth staffers, and more.

We also have included two excellent worksheets useful for managing booth staffers, provided by Marc Goldberg of Marketech, Inc.

This may seem like a lot of info to digest “just” about booth staffing.  But there is so much riding on your booth staffers, as 85% of what attendees remember is based on them, and trade shows are still the top marketing spend for business-to-business marketers.

So make a commitment to excellence.  Read and implement the ideas in this book, and really improve the performance of your trade show program.

Improve your booth staffing skills and your booth staff team.  Request your free copy of the new book, Better Booth Staffing For Greater Trade Show Results, by clicking here.

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