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7 Things Remarkably Successful Exhibitors Do

At every trade show, there are always a select few booths where the crowds gather. Have you ever wondered what was so special about those booths? By analyzing what the most successful exhibitors do that sets them apart from the rest of the pack and earns them a massive response, there are 7 common factors that are crucial to a successful exhibit. Read on to find out these simple yet very impactful ways of exhibiting the right way at a tradeshow.

1.) A Proper Booth Staff Team

Make sure you have a dedicated team whenever you are planning on setting up a booth at a tradeshow. Often, a potential customer slips out of your hand when you are all by yourself in the booth and are unable to handle everything. This is a major turnoff and could be assumed to be the result of poor planning.

2.) Stand Out in the Crowd!

The design, colors, interior, and set up play a very important role in your success. Make your booth look attractive so that people visit you. The visual appeal of your booth is the first thing any customer will notice, so you need to do something creative with your space.

3.) Give Attendees a Warm Welcome

It is very important to communicate with your customers in a delightful manner. The attendees were probably on the venue for hours; a warm welcome can lighten them up and you never know, they might take interest in your products and engage. Offer them refreshments, and of course, ask them to sit and relax, they might have been standing for hours.

4.) Introduce Your Company

When an attendee visits your booth, make sure you give them a good introduction of your company, yourself, and your products. Keep the conversation friendly and accept questions.

5.) Don’t Bombard Attendees with a Sales Pitch

Don’t scare the attendees by immediately starting with a sales pitch without even welcoming them or making them feel comfortable. For the potential of sales to be made in the future, ask questions first, don’t start with an aggressive sales pitch.

6.) Product Packaging and Placement

You need to play with the space and your creativity. Place your products in unique shelves with attractive designs. The packaging also plays an important role because the attendees will definitely come and look at your products.

7.) Call to Action

Do not let any attendee leave without your brochure or product price list. How will they remember you and come again for an order when you haven’t given them anything to contact you? Make sure you provide everything to the attendees that can generate sales.



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