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10 Signs Your Company Is Not Ready for a Trade Show

If you have not planned out every detail, you might not be able to handle large-scale exposure like you’d likely to experience at a tradeshow. For many companies who are not prepared, tradeshows can become a nightmare. But, before that comes the planning phase, which will distinguish whether or not you should take part in a tradeshow. Here are 10 signs that will tell you that your company is not ready to exhibit at a tradeshow.

ID-100331771.) You aren’t clear on what you want out of a tradeshow (no clear objective).

2.) You don’t have enough budget – don’t even think of setting up a booth (no investment).

3.) You don’t have a trained sales staff which will work in the booth (lost opportunities).

4.) Haven’t informed the attendees that your company is going to be there (no pre-show marketing).

5.) You do not have enough products or supplies to display (bad design).

6.) Haven’t booked your company to be a part of the tradeshow (indecisive)

7.) Unclear about the response you are looking for (no goals).

8.) Haven’t planned the display of your booth (bad design).

9.) Haven’t outlined a follow-up plane (no post-show marketing).

10.) Haven’t developed presentations, videos, letters and emails, sales pitch, qualification forms, literature and handouts (not prepared).

Where a tradeshow can do wonders for you, at the same time it can also become very risky to participate if you haven’t planned everything accordingly. The pointers above will help you manage your company’s tradeshow; make sure you double check all of the things before making a decision about participating.


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